GALLERY: NEEME JÄRVI 80, Estonia Concert Hall

Maestro Neeme Järvi’s 80th birthday, Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn, June 7th, 2017.

Neeme Järvi and modern orchestral traditions

When one looks back on the career of the still highly active Estonian conductor Neeme Järvi, [...]

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Maestro Neeme Järvi celebrates his 80th birthday with ENSO

Maestro Neeme Järvi’s 80th birthday will be celebrated over three festive concerts: on 6 and [...]

Shadows and energy, ghosts and pomposity at Tallinn’s Estonia Concert Hall

Each year the Estonian Music Days have at their epicentre a large-scale orchestral concert given [...]

25 years of Estonian contemporary music showcased in a stunning orchestra concert

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ENSO principal conductor and artistic director Neeme Järvi to receive lifetime achievement award

The Government of the Republic of Estonia approved the proposal from the Cultural Awards Committee [...]

Neeme Järvi to continue as ENSO’s principal conductor

Kristjan Hallik, Member of the Board of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, signed a contract [...]

ENSO helping develop future solution for digital sheet music

This week marks the first time ENSO will be testing an innovative solution that promises [...]

ERSO: под знаком 90-летнего юбилея

В пятницу, 9 сентября, в столичном зале «Эстония» концертом, посвященным памяти маэстро Эри Класа, открыл [...]

Concert Series 2016/2017 now on sale!

Sales of series tickets for the upcoming anniversary season of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra [...]