Tickets are available:

Box Offices of Piletimaailm and Piletilevi

Box Office of Estonia Concert Hall

Estonia pst. 4, Tallinn
Phone: 6147765
Opened Mon – Fri 12-19,
Sun 1 hour before the concert

Box Office of Vanemuine Concert Hall

Vanemuise 6, Tartu
Phones: 7 377 537, 7 377 536
Opened Mon – Sat 12-19

Box Office of Pärnu
Concert Hall

Aida 4, Pärnu
Phones: 44 55 800, 44 55 801
Opened Mon – Fri 10-18
Sat & Sun 1 hour before the concert

Box Office of Jõhvi
Concert Hall

Pargi 40, Jõhvi
Phones: 3 342 000, 3 342 001

ℹ️ The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) invites all Ukrainian war refugees to enjoy the concerts for free. You can get your free ticket by showing your ID or temporary residence permit at the box office of Estonia Concert Hall (Estonia pst. 4, 10146 Tallinn).

ℹ️ ERSO запрошує українських воєнних біженців на концерт безкоштовно за вільним вибором! Безкоштовні квитки можна отримати в касі концертного залу Естонія на підставі документа, що посвідчує особу (паспорт громадянина України або посвідка на тимчасове проживання).


Estonia’s representative orchestra invites students from grades 1–12 to the Estonia Concert Hall to discover and enjoy beautiful music together. You can choose between one-hour-long concerts taking place during the day or full-length concerts taking place during the evenings.

Day concerts (length around 1 hour):
Student tickets 6 €
Per every 10 tickets, a free ticket for the teacher.

Special offers for groups of at least 10 people for evening concerts:
student tickets €14.00 (€20 in individual sales)
parent tickets €20.00 (€27 in individual sales)
Per every 10 tickets, a free ticket for the teacher.

Group bookings:
Kaire Taberland
telefon: 6 147 788

Daytime concerts in the 2022-23 season:

  • 30.03.23 at 13:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Edvard Grieg, Lili Boulanger, Heitor Villa-Lobos
TÄHE-LEE LIIV piano, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor SIMONE MENEZES
  • 04.05.23 at 13:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Sergei Rachmaninoff, Antonín Dvořák
BARRY DOUGLAS piano, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor OLARI ELTS

Children’s thoughts about visiting ERSO concerts and rehearsals:

When listening to the music, I remembered beautiful things. (Anna, 2nd grade)
Usually, I do not really care for such music, but I liked this one. I especially liked watching how the whole orchestra paid attention to each other, listened to each other, and followed the conductor. (Patrick, 7th grade)

When a world-famous composer is 5 metres away from you and looks you in the eyes, it sure is a proud feeling! The orchestra was also amazing, the people put in a lot of effort and everyone was on edge. I would definitely like to go and listen ERSO again someday. (Karolina, 9th grade)

I am very grateful that our teacher took us to the concert hall. (Annabell, 9th grade)
Beautiful concert. Nice music. Interesting and happy, incredible music. Fun rhythm. (Säde, 1st grade)

I found out how orchestras are assembled and what composers do. I also found out that the composer must be able to play an instrument and that knowing how to play the piano is mandatory if you want to become a composer. (Riho Marten, 7th grade)

I liked all musicians, but I liked Adagio the most. It was fantastic!!! (Marie, 2nd grade)

It was very intriguing to follow the rehearsal of the orchestra; all instrument players were smiling and enjoying what they were doing. The most important thing when doing something that you like is great mood. I would definitely like to participate in a similar project again and I encourage others to do so as well. (Hanna-Marie, 9th grade)

LISTEN TO ‘CHILDREN’S RADIO NIGHT UNIVERSITY’, featuring Olari Elts, principal conductor of ERSO, who talks to children about music, freedom, and the revolutionary ideas of Beethoven. ‘If we have the Freedom Square in Tallinn and there is a monument of independence there, then Beethoven and most of his music is like a monument of independence in music,’ says Olari Elts. Sound engineers of the show are Külli Tüli and Andres Olerma, the editor is Lisete Velt.