17.02.23 at 20:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
17.02.23 at 21:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
John Adams, Jean Sibelius
MAXIMILIANO MARTIN clarinet, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor JOSEPH SWENSEN


John Adams
Short Ride in a Fast Machine

John Adams
Gnarly Buttons

Jean Sibelius
Symphony No. 6

Jean Sibelius
Symphony No. 7

The ‘Audio Spa’ series will end in February and this time, the audience is once again invited to the Estonia Concert Hall. Conductor Joseph Swensen and ERSO will perform Symphony No. 6 and Symphony No. 7 by Sibelius. Clarinettist Maximiliano Martin will solo in Gnarly Buttons by John Adams. The audience will also be able to enjoy the fanfare for orchestra Short Ride in a Fast Machine by Adams, which is a great example of his post-minimalist style.

The multitalent Joseph Swensen is a combination of a conductor, a violinist, a composer, and a teacher. His life goal is to promote music as a hobby that supports the comprehensive development of children. The clarinettist Maximiliano Martin is the concertmaster of the clarinet group of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. He is also a valued soloist and versatile chamber musician whose wide repertoire includes both classical and contemporary music.

Concert organiser ERSO