Estonian National Symphony Orchestra announces an audition for


(full time position, commencing January 2024; monthly remuneration 1914 Euros in gross sum or 2545 Euros with social tax).

The audition will be held in two rounds – a video round and a stage round.

To apply, please send your free application and CV to, with a quoting reference “Timpani”, by October 1st, 2023 at the latest, along with links:

  • to one uncut video recording, where you perform the following orchestral excerpts for timpani, in given order:
    • L. van Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 I movement, bars 16-35 and from bar 513 until the end
    • W. A. Mozart – The Magic Flute Overture, from bar 194 until the end
    • B. Bartok – Concerto for Orchestra IV movement, bars 42–50
    • A. Pärt – Symphony No. 3 II movement, from bar 139 until the end
  • to one uncut video recording, where you perform the following orchestral excerpts for percussion, in given order:
    • S. Prokofjev – Peter and the Wolf, 49-51
    • D. Shostakovich – The Bolt
    • A. Dvořák – Carnival Overture, from the beginning until bar 15 after B and from T until the end.

The video recordings must be filmed with one camera, the player facing the camera so that also both, the player’s hands and the instrument, can completely be seen throughout. Any post-processing of the sound or picture is prohibited.  All required music can be recorded in one take.

For orchestral excerpts for the video round, please click here.

The stage audition will take place on December 5th 2023 at 15:00 P.M. at the Estonia Concert Hall.

Invitations for the stage audition will be sent to selected candidates by October 6th the latest.

Repertoire for the stage round is available HERE.

Audition details:

Both International and German timpani set-ups are acceptable for the video recording, live audition is played on International set-up (large drum on the left). 

The stage audition will take place during the course of one day. Only live performances are possible.  The first round of the live audition is held behind the screen.  It is possible to try ERSO’s instruments the day before, on December 4th.  Candidates can bring their own snare drum, triangle and tambourine.

ERSO will not supply participants with visa invitations and will not pay for travelling nor other costs incurred by candidates.

Job details:

The Position requires to sit as principal or second timpanist as well as to play percussion when needed. 

Rehearsals (4hrs daily) are normally held on working days, concerts are usually on Fridays.  The working language in ERSO is Estonian.