CO-PRINCIPAL CELLO (please click here for more info)

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra announces an audition for
(full time, commencing January 2024, monthly remuneration 1914 Euros in gross sum or 2545 Euros with social tax).  

To apply, please send your application and CV (no official application forms are provided) to, with a quoting reference “Cello”, by September 6th, 2023 at the latest, along with a link to a video recording*, where you perform:

  • ­Beethoven Symphony No. 5: 3rd mvt , from the beginning until bar 79 and bars 141-218 (the marked excerpts from the provided audition repertoire on our website**);
  • a cello solo from Rossini Ouverture to Guillaume Tell. Excerpt 1: from the beginning until Allegro 5)** and
  • ­a short piece of your own choice, accompaniment permitted.

Invitations to the stage audition will be sent to selected candidates by September 25th the latest, after the initial review of the sent videos by the audition committee.

The stage audition will be held on November 6th 2023 at 14:30 at the Estonia Concert Hall.

For the stage audition please prepare:

I Round

  • ­Franz Joseph Haydn. Cello Concerto No. 2, Hob. VIIb:2, 1st movement with cadenza and
  • ­cello solos**.

II Round

  • the first two movements of a romantic cello concerto of candidate’s own choice and
  • ­orchestral excerpts and cello solos**.

Audition and job details:
The stage audition will take place during the course of one day. Only live performances are possible. ERSO will not supply participants with visa invitations and will not pay for travelling nor other costs incurred by candidates.

Tutti rehearsals (4hrs daily) are normally held on working days, concerts are usually on Fridays. Depending on orchestration, the cellists receive a tutti-reheals-free week at least every 2 months. Our new colleague has the oportunity to play on an ERSO-provided Cello made by a renowned luthier. The working language in ERSO is Estonian.

* The video recording must be filmed with one camera, the player facing the camera so that also both, the player’s hands and the instrument, can completely be seen throughout. Any postprocessing of the sound or picture is prohibited. All required music can be recorded separately or all in one take.

** Orchestral excerpts and solos are available on our website under the audition announcement for the video round immediately, for the stage round will be sent with the invitations.