11.03.22 at 19:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Leoš Janáček, Josef Suk, Antonín Dvořák, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ERSO chamber ensembles, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Principal Violin TRIIN RUUBEL


HARMONY series is presented by Epiim

Leoš Janáček
Woodwind sextet “Youth” (“Mládí”)    ~18’

Josef Suk
Serenade for strings Op. 6   ~26’

Antonín Dvořák
“Waldesruhe” for cello ensemble     ~6’

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 38 in D major “Prague”    ~29’

In recent years, ERSO has discovered new niches, experimented with new concert forms, and broadened the worldview of both itself and the audience – quick adaptability and responsiveness, flexibility, and extraordinary synergy could be the key words that best describe the nature of the Estonian representative orchestra. The symphony orchestra acts as a large number of chamber musicians – everyone giving their all and taking into account what each colleague is doing. ERSO has faced such challenges during concerts given without conductors in recent seasons, as well as by numerous performances as chamber ensembles, both during the pre-concerts for the introduction of the symphony concert and in the full-fledged chamber evenings.

Various ensembles of ERSO will be providing a colourful introspective into Czech music.

Concert is produced by ERSO.