05.05.23 at 19:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Thea Musgrave, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Jean Sibelius
FREDDY KEMPF piano, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor OLARI ELTS


Thea Musgrave
Song of the Enchanter

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Piano Concerto No. 1

Jean Sibelius
Symphony No. 5

Immediately after the end of the season, ERSO and Olari Elts will go on a concert trip to Great Britain. Before that, however, the British pianist and soloist Freddy Kempf will be in Estonia to perform much-loved piano concertos by Sergei Rachmaninoff for two consecutive weeks. On 5 May, he will perform Piano Concerto No. 1. The programme also includes Song of the Enchanter by Thea Musgrave and Symphony No. 5 by Jean Sibelius.

Freddy Kempf is a pianist with a wide repertoire and a unique reputation who made his debut at the age of 8 in front of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Today, he is a welcome guest in concert halls around the world. His interpretation of Rachmaninoff has been praised for its inner filigree and colossal but perfect weight (The Art Desk).

Concert organiser ERSO