02.02.24 at 18:00 - Estonia kontserdisaal (eelkontsert)
02.02.24 at 19:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Liina Sumera, Manuel de Falla, Igor Stravinski
AGE JUURIKAS on piano, ERSO, conductor BAS WIEGERS


The concert series Piano Concerto is supported by LIVIKO

6 p.m. – pre-concert

Liina Sumera

A conversation between Guido Gualandi, Bas Wiegers and Liina Sumera.

7 p.m. – symphony concert

Liina Sumera

Manuel de Falla
Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Igor Stravinsky
The Rite of Spring

Dutch conductor Bas Wiegers performs often with ERSO and their collaboration began in 2016, at the Eight Bridges Festival, in Cologne. Since the 2022/23 season, the charismatic conductor works with the Munich Chamber Orchestra and appears regularly as a guest conductor for various orchestras around the world. The last time when Wiegers performed with ERSO was in April 2022 when Triin Ruubel gave a solo performance of Tôru Takemitsu’s work Nostalghia.

This time, the person to share the stage with Wiegers and ERSO is the pianist Age Juurikas, who will be performing Manuel de Falla’s work Nights in the Gardens of Spain. De Falla is deemed one of Spain’s most important composers and he has influenced musicians across Europe. Before his time, Spanish music and folk traditions were virtually unknown outside the Iberian Peninsula. The concert will also feature Igor Stravinsky’s legendary work The Rite of Spring and Liina Sumera’s new piece, written especially for this concert.

Concert organiser ERSO