Baltic – The Environmental Robot

17.11.23 at 12:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
17.11.23 at 18:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
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This target group of this project is children between ages 5-11, but everyone interested is welcome to come and listen. The language of this performance is Estonian.

The entrance is free for the children born in the Year of Music (2015). A free ticket must be redeemed from Piletikeskus with the discount code „2015“. Please have the child’s ID with you when coming to the concert hall.

In this performance, we will meet Baltic the environmental robot, who will inspire us and teach us about the Baltic Sea and how we can take care of it. Maybe rubbish that would have otherwise ended up in the sea could be used as fun musical instruments instead?!

And isn’t it amazing that so many countries are located around the Baltic! Baltic the robot has met children from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Denmark – and has answered their tricky environmental questions, so that we can all learn more. All music in this performance comes from the countries on the Baltic Sea.

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) invites its youngest public to Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn to continue a special project begun in 2016 aimed first and foremost at children born during Estonia’s national Year of Music in 2015. The special project is scheduled to last through 2033, when the children born in 2015 will turn 18. Not every child born during the 2015 Year of Music must become musician themselves, but an understanding and love of music will certainly help them grow up to be better people.

Concert organiser ERSO