13.05.22 at 19:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Detlev Glanert, Johannes Brahms, Jüri Reinvere, Johannes Brahms
VIVIANE HAGNER violin, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Conductor OLARI ELTS


HARMONY series is presented by Epiim

Detlev Glanert
“Brahms-Fantasie”     ~12′

Johannes Brahms
Violin Concerto in D major    ~40’

Jüri Reinvere
“Das innere Meer”

Johannes Brahms
Symphony No 1 in C minor    ~45’

Olari Elts focuses on the music of Johannes Brahms at the final concert of the ERSO season. The main works of the concert are Violin Concerto and Symphony No. 1 by Brahms, and both parts of the concert will be introduced by an opus from the twenty-first century inspired by Symphony No. 1 by Brahms.

“Brahms-Fantasy” by the German composer Detlev Glanert, completed ten years ago, which the composer himself calls a heliogravure for the orchestra, was inspired by the first notes of Symphony No. 1 by Brahms.

The orchestral work “Das innere Meer” by Jüri Reinvere was premiered on 31 October by the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern and the Chief Conductor of the orchestra Pietari Inkinen. ‘When I was commissioned to write the work, I had two important things in the initial concept: the connection with Symphony No. 1 by Brahms and conductor Pietari Inkinen,’ confirmed Jüri Reinvere and added that the Baltic Sea unites them all: Pietari is a Finn, he is an Estonian, and Brahms wrote his first symphony on the German island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. ‘”Das innere Meer” deals with human internal struggles and dividedness, as well as the diversity of the Baltic countries, which in its density and high contrasts also creates dividedness.’

Concert is produced by ERSO.