04.11.22 at 20:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
04.11.22 at 21:00 - Estonia Concert Hall
Øyvind Torvund, Ülo Krigul, John Adams
TAAVI KERIKMÄE synthesizer, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Conductor OLARI ELTS


Øyvind Torvund
A Walk into the Future

Ülo Krigul
Synthesizer Concerto

John Adams

The BACK TO THE FUTURE programme includes both brand new music and the best works of contemporary music. Taavi Kerikmäe will perform the Synthesizer Concerto by Ülo Krigul for the first time. The Symphonic Poem A Walk into the Future by the Norwegian composer Øyvind Torvund, completed three years ago, will also be performed for the first time in Estonia. Coming from a background of rock and improvisational music, the work of Torvund is a combination of different genres and sounds inspired by nature and everyday life. In his work, Torvund has portrayed a journey into the unknown, which is childishly simple and naive but not entirely bright and positive.

Harmonielehre by John Adams has been cited as one of the most significant and sophisticated commentaries on and embodiments of symphonic thinking of the late twentieth century (The Guardian). The title is a reference to the music theory textbook of the same name by Arnold Schoenberg and the work combines the techniques of minimalism with the harmony and expressiveness of late romanticism. The composer himself has described it as a statement of his faith in the power of tonality at a time when its future seemed uncertain.

Concert organiser ERSO