ERSO academy

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra announces the ERSO academy.

We ask you to prepare the following repertoire:

Violins and woodwinds – W. A. Mozart concerto, I movement

Violas – Stamitz or Hoffmeister concerto, I movement

Cellos – Haydn cello concerto, I movement

Double basses – Dittersdorf or Vanhal concerto, I movement

Trumpets – Haydn trumpet concerto, I movement

Trombones – a piece chosen by Andres Kontus

Tubas – R. V. Williams tuba concerto, I movement

Percussion – Jacques Delecluse’i Etude No. 1 for solo drum

Solo pieces must be played until the bell sound.

In addition, four orchestra parts are required. The required parts are available ON THIS LINK.

The audition for wind and percussion players will be held on October 12th, 2023 at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The audition for string players will take place in the middle of November, the exact date will be announced soon.